Top 5 Misunderstanding about Instagram that is not True

Instagram was started in 2010 and in a matter of six years have become a very popular social media platform. It has become a new trend in the world of visual marketing as Instagram focuses more on photos and videos. With Instagram, companies and businesses can broaden their reach than in other social media platforms.


But still, there are many other businesses that see Instagram as a platform lacking in key features. Thus, they deny using Instagram for promoting their brand and miss out the potential customer base as there are millions of users using Instagram. These are quite untrue and companies need to know that these misunderstandings are not true while using it for promoting business. Here are top 5 misunderstandings about Instagram and explanations on why it is not true.

1. Instagram is only for Business that sell Visual Products

Sharing photos can be done by anyone. It need not be necessarily done by people who sell visual products. Though this one of the top misconceptions, this is not true. If one is creative in their own respect and can produce creative images to promote their brand, it is an encouragement to their creativity and for their business.

Though companies cannot show their products directly on this platform, they can showcase things like their culture, employees’ goodwill, company’s celebration and their merchandise. Photos of the employees at work and employees doing work for the community are the most welcomed types of media by Instagram followers. These photographs have the power to attract potential new customers. It is even more important for the companies to popularize their new merchandise through Instagram.

2. Instagram is a Platform for Big Brands

Many companies are of the belief that famous brands who have allocated more budget for marketing can make use of the power of Instagram. There are many small shops, small brands, self-employed vendors and artists, and even technology start-up companies that use Instagram in a very powerful way and get benefitted out of it.

Instagram is a perfect social media platform to promote all kinds of business. They are NOT associated with big brands.

3. Instagram is only meant for Posting Photos

There are many people who think that Instagram is only for posting photos. Even the top most brands still have this idea in mind. But everyone is missing one big advantage. One can make special campaigns and conduct contests with the help of hashtags and a legal term. Brands can promote their campaign in other social media platforms too. As Facebook and Instagram are integrated, contents from outside can be created as photo galleries and displayed on Facebook.

Campaigns are a good way to generate publicity. They drive more sales and builds the relationship with customers.

4. Results due to Instagram cannot be Measured

People think that there is no way to measure or monitor the social media activity. But this is totally untrue. There are so many ways in which Instagram’s activity can be monitored.

Web-based applications

There are apps that give analytics of other user’s accounts and are good for the business. There are also apps that provide insights about hashtags and accounts, the number of photos shared on Instagram and their engagement rates.

iOS applications

There are iOS apps that are useful in computing the popularity of a user in the Instagram.

Thus, the success of a brand in Instagram can be easily tracked with the help of the metrics provided by the apps.

5. Instagram Sells the Users’ Photos

There were many negative comments that started floating in the public at the end of 2012. This happened when Instagram updated its Terms and Conditions regarding the rights to sell photos to third parties. As this created a negative impact, Instagram soon cleared the air by updating the poorly termed conditions.

The new term clearly states that the Users who posted the photos are the sole owners of their photos and that it is similar to advertising on Facebook. It also clearly stated that Instagram does not have the intention to sell any photos of users.


All the explanations above are focused on motivating the people to start using Instagram and post their photos by using their creativity to their fullest.




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